Sunday, January 9, 2011

The silence of the colors

i have always wondered "do colors have emotions" and guess what i found about it, Yes! they do have, and they are sometimes known as the Silence of colors....

it was a Saturday evening and the monsoon breeze was still on, the paddy field was dancing at the tunes of the monsoon,the chirps of the birds where fading at a distant across and everyone were hurrying with the stacks of dry woods on there heads for their night dinner.

Having my hot mug of tea in one hand, I was wondering how things change when the dawn shows up, the drizzle had already started and people from the fields started taking shelters in our shed,.

My eyes struck on Ramar, a 12yr old boy who goes to school in the morning and works in the evening for the daily wage by selling milk and cutting out the crops,

something told me that i should take his shot which might answer my questions and yes they did, I found the silence in the boys eyes which spoke out thousands of meanings.....the shot was saturated and i felt his soul captured in motion,

Those silence of the colors are true and trust me they speak out very loud , the only thing we have to do is listen to them.......


  1. Praise be to the creator and his creation !!

  2. The picture says it all... u got the magic! Keep up the good work!


  3. well, colours do have emotions, that is way my blog is called colours!
    well, this is Apoorva, i'm in ur FB friends, ur junior, found ur blog in ur website, which is totally awesome!
    do check me out, and leave ur comments!