Monday, January 17, 2011

The sky that wanted its attention...

We the people don’t agree to ourselves that we are getting addicted to the drug well known as "WORKAHOLIC" , if we just sit and think about it at the end of the day, we start believing it that yes we are workaholics and we forget every single important second that we used to do which we liked a lot,

That’s the same happened with me also, I just realized that i am a walking zombie in the day and a wandering nightmare in night until that precious evening, I don’t know what made me leave my workplace early that day, i hurried to my home packed all my stuffs and hopped in the direct bus to my friends place who lives at the other end of the city and sometimes which i feel is the end of the world, but again i wanted to go there no matter how far it was.

I reached his place around 6 in the evening, he lives at the 4th floor with a open terrace from where i could see the tiny houses and lands getting constructed higher and higher with apartments giving its best shot to touch the endless sky.

After chatting long on our daily screwed up life we were hungry for our evening junk, so lighting our killer sticks we headed out of the house and then the magic started, and i think that’s the reason i was there at his place.....

Believe it or not that evening the sky really wanted its attention and yes it was having its attention from all the amazed eyeballs, i almost dropped the cigarette from my mouth, and no one wanted to actually blink cause no one wanted to miss a second for that moment, the sky was speaking aloud to everyone with its magical colours and we were already under its spell,

But to be frank the sky is always beautiful, we are the one who are not able to hear it calling us, not because we don’t care for it, it’s because our daily metro life is too loud with its noise ,..........


Sunday, January 9, 2011

The silence of the colors

i have always wondered "do colors have emotions" and guess what i found about it, Yes! they do have, and they are sometimes known as the Silence of colors....

it was a Saturday evening and the monsoon breeze was still on, the paddy field was dancing at the tunes of the monsoon,the chirps of the birds where fading at a distant across and everyone were hurrying with the stacks of dry woods on there heads for their night dinner.

Having my hot mug of tea in one hand, I was wondering how things change when the dawn shows up, the drizzle had already started and people from the fields started taking shelters in our shed,.

My eyes struck on Ramar, a 12yr old boy who goes to school in the morning and works in the evening for the daily wage by selling milk and cutting out the crops,

something told me that i should take his shot which might answer my questions and yes they did, I found the silence in the boys eyes which spoke out thousands of meanings.....the shot was saturated and i felt his soul captured in motion,

Those silence of the colors are true and trust me they speak out very loud , the only thing we have to do is listen to them.......